I love being a member of the “Goodfellow” Real Estate team !
Buying or Selling your home is an important life event and I can help to make it happen

Our team and I are exceptionally good at what we do !
We are professional, respected, knowledgeable, experienced, capable and
work hard to achieve results for YOU !

Irene has held her Real estate license for over 20 years. During her career, she worked in Consulting & Sales, Management, and in her own business, as a Business Broker, selling businesses and real estate. Transactions ranged from simple to multi-million dollar ones. Her diverse background makes her comfortable working with first time home Buyers, a subsequent purchase, a corporate or estate situation, with young, mid-lifers & seniors.

In her personal life, Irene and her husband designed & built their own homes. She has a solid understanding of home construction, electrical and plumbing systems and the interior function and design of houses. She gets involved in a project – she’s a “do-er” and gets results.

Give her a challenge & she will make it happen!

Irene will do a great job for you. That’s her promise.

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